Guess What, Horse Armor Still Sells

Buying The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion's Horse Armor. It's like listening to Barry Manilow, eating at the Olive Garden or ordering Spectravision. No one will admit to doing it, but still enough do so keep it in business.

Bethesda Softworks' Pete Hines said, scouts' honour, that this still happens. "I don't have the report in front of me, but multiple people bought horse armour yesterday!" he told Official Xbox Magazine. "For some inexplicable reason. It happened, I promise."

Horse Armor, at a price of 200 Microsoft Points, is exactly what its name entails. Armor for your horse in the role-playing game. It's an animal costume at a price of $US2.50, and one of the first downloadable content extensions released over Xbox Live in 2006. Resentment of this content offering was so fierce Horse armour quickly attained meme status and became synonymous with insubstantial and/or overpriced DLC. Bethesda weathered it with good humour, offering the content at double the price for April Fool's 2009.

Hines used Horse Armor as an example of Bethesda's posture toward DLC, which considers how long it will take to deliver it to users as much as it does price and content. The rest of his remarks are available in a podcast at the link.

Oblivion's Horse armour Still Sells [OXM]


    Wait... there were horses in that game?
    I never rode one.

      Yeah me neither. Though I think I did own some evil demon horse that could never die or something.

        Shadowmere was a beast, saved my ass a few times by running up and trampling enemies.

    Daggerfall's horse was the shit. A floating, bobbing head that whinnied appropriately once in a while. I'd transverse the land on foot, no quick-travel. I was hardcore. Running skill patiently leveled to 100.

    Daggerfall was the ultimate hiking simulator.

    If Oblivion had Red Dead Redemption's horse mechanics I would have never used the quick travel system once.

    its just like the celestial steed in WoW

    I got the game of the year version so I should have horse armour included. Course I never got to the point of finding it because the game was so abominably awful but I should HAVE it and thats the point!

    How the hell did you never ride a horse?

    its a fact you can't possibly complete the game without riding a horse, remember the escort mission from the Weynom priory at Chorrol to Bruma.

    I really like it when it first came out, but when I tried to replay it not so long ago the horse riding is absolutely horrid after being spoiled with RDR.

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