Guess Who’s Coming Back For The New Silent Hill Movie?

Guess Who’s Coming Back For The New Silent Hill Movie?

I’d love to tell you that Pyramid Head is confirmed to return in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, but the people making the next horror movie based on Konami’s Silent Hill series haven’t confirmed his return. Instead, three characters from the original film will join Heather Mason on her stereoscopic 3D trip to Silent Hill.

The films producers have confirmed the return of Silent Hill stars Radha Mitchell (Rose Da Silva ), Sean Bean (Christopher Da Silva ), and Deborah Kara Unger (Dahlia Gillespie) for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Also returning will be dilapidated elevators, prominently featured in the 2006 Silent Hill movie, according to a new still released of the 2011 film.

How the original movie’s plot will weave into the sequel is still unknown, but Revelation cinematographer cinematographer Maxime Alexandre says of the 3D movie that “Devotees will finally be able to enter this realm along side of Heather, Vincent, Harry and Rose and experience the psychological horror and the fear of the unknown with them.”

Mitchell, Bean and Unger Reunite for Silent Hill: Revelation []


  • Sean Bean = win! Also interesting to hear that Vincent is confirmed as a character. If it’s staying this close to the plot of SH3 I wonder if there’ll be a Claudia, or if Dahlia will be fulfilling the role.

    • My favorite part of any Silent Hill game is when Heather talks to Vincent in the library near the end of SH3 and he’s all like “they look like monsters to you?”

      So hectic

  • Nathan Fillion has been approached for lighting assistant. It is not clear at this time if he has taken the position. Update when I know.

  • I actually didn’t mind the first movie. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t TOO bad, and some moments were actually done pretty well.

    Still, I’m not holding my breath.

    • Wait…nevermind. The detective that was helping Christopher out in the first one took the role of Douglas, and Michael Kaufman. Makes more sense, don’t you think? And also, are they going to bring up Walter Sullivan in this movie or the sequal after Revelation? They mentioned twice in the first movie, about the incident of a young boy that was murdered by a man who dumped him into a mine shaft. So they have to bring him into one of the Silent Hill movies.

  • I don’t mind that they are making another Silent Hill movie bu please make this one awesome as it should be made… the first one was a disappointment and how hard is it to stick with the original characters… Why did they pick the wife instead?? Also Im shocked they are going to do SH3 storyline since they left Cheryl (Heather) in the other world at the end of the first movie… explain that movie people.

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