Hacker Didn't Break This Game, He Helped Fix It

New MMO game Rift has had a few problems since launch, one of them being a percentage of user accounts having been compromised. Luckily, an ex-hacker has been able to help plug the leak.

A user with the handle ManWitDaPlan was able to identify the issue with the game - which the developers describe as "a very subtle bug in error checking of our login validations" - and have the issue resolved.

"All totalled up, under 1 per cent of accounts with characters have had characters impacted. However, 1% of a surprisingly large number is still very noticeable" said Rift developers Trion. "We'd definitely like to thank Mr ManWitDaPlan for the well-timed assist," the studio added. "Sir, we salute you and offer our most heartfelt thanks."

Turns out ManWitDaPlan is a career programmer, who currently runs "a small security-software company specializing in secure data destruction". In a previous life, though, he was involved in cracking PC games, which gave him skills he uses today to help fix games instead of steal and/or break them.

What the world needs now isn't more love, sweet love. It's people like ManWitDaPlan, who use their powers for good, instead of jackassery.

Ex-Hacker Finds RIFT Account Flaw, Talks to ZAM [ZAM]


    Now that's a kind of hacker that deserves to be saluted! And the studio and devs didn't stomp on him for the hacking that took place but rather thanked him for what he did. What a great story :) well played by both sides

    I hope they gave him a lifetime account for free.

    Heartfelt thanks is not money.

      Thank you for pointing that out. I was a bit confused there.

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