Heavy Rain's Voice Acting Is Better In Real Life

If you're going to make fun of Heavy Rain, you've got to do a lot more than just shout "JASON JASON" in a mall.

In this parody sketch, the comedy team at Mega64 have gone back to doing what they do best: harassing innocent members of the public. And while the obvious lost child joke is in there, some of Heavy Rain's more annoying quirks - like getting stuck in a chair - get their time in the sun too.


    Awkward office lol at the failed give money and failed get up quicktimes.

    hilarious how they just left the guy who looked like he was dying there to die :P

    "This guy giving you a hard time? I've fought a guy like this before".. haha, what a dick..

      Easily the best part of the vid.

        I thought getting up from the chair was hilarious.

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