Here’s An IPad Game Running On A 50-inch HDTV

Here’s An IPad Game Running On A 50-inch HDTV

Infinity Blade, for the iPhone and iPad, has won strong praise as an uncommonly good mobile title with impressive visuals and console-style gameplay. To really gain an appreciation of it, you should see it on a 50-inch HDTV.

An iPad 2 will let you do that, outputting to an HDTV with an HDMI adaptor for the new tablet. Infinity Blade’s graphics also were optimised for the iPad 2’s capabilities. This is video of video by TouchGen, but you can see understand why Infinity Blade’s no joke as a serious game, and why the iPad 2 is, in the hands of the right developer, a serious games platform.

There’s also video of Real Racing 2 on the same setup, at the link below.

iPad 2 Games Look Great on Your HDTV [Touchgen, thanks Sm1ley]


  • Haha console style gameplay? Thats a good one! Finger swiping is not console style gameplay.
    Waits for the inevitable “ipad 2 is the future of console gaming” headline lol

  • Serious gaming? Baloney. the whole time your playing any ipad game you need to be looking at the screen of the ipad to see where your touching. Outputting to a larger display is for other peoples benefit not yours.

  • Graphics look ok but what a gimmick, swipe finger?? What sort of gaming are we going to get out of taping and swiping the screen?? I don’t understand who is buying these things..

    • I take it you’ve never played Dead Space on the i(Pad/Phone)? Many games are just as playable as their controller counterparts, it’s just the grave lack of creative game design for iOS devices (Dead Space is an exception IMHO), and fragmentation problems (or should I say lack of fragmentation) that prevent a user of an older device from having a decent version of the game stability-wise despite the game being released on the older device anyway.

      Basically, the potential is there without being rather gimmicky, at least no more than many console games, but the lack of creativity from developers and Apple’s lack of interest in gaming don’t help at all.

  • too bad you’re too busy looking at the Pad to control the game to see it on the screen (other than your deaths)

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