Hijacked Road Sign Warns Motorists Of Left 4 Dead Dangers

People have been messing with road signs for years now, warning people of zombie attacks. It's so much more awesome when it's done to specifically warn people of Left 4 Dead's zombies, though.

Two signs in Pennsylvania were earlier this week tampered with by crafty video game fans, their regular traffic notices replaced by warnings like "Zombies Ahead", "Watch for Hunters" and "Be alert for Tanks".

The last two may not seem that terrifying to the general populace, seeing as they're words used to describe, well, hunters and tanks, but Left 4 Dead fans would know exactly what they meant: two of the games deadlier zombies.

"The message could have been a lot worse than it was," said Ken Wilson, from the local Department of Transportation. "In my opinion, it was a prank. They could have put something more sinister; something causing more panic."

Yeah, like "Slow Down, Witch Ahead!"

Tampered road signs warn of zombies, tanks on SC 160 [Herald Online]


    I want to know how to do this.. purely for educational purposes

    It's all fun and games until someone dies in a car accident. Then its "the gamers" as a whole who get blamed. :p

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