Hitman 5 Reveal At E3?

Hitman 5 Reveal At E3?

It’s been years since the last Hitman title was released, but some viral images leaking on the Hitman forums suggest that a new Hitman game is currently in the works, with signs pointing to an E3 reveal.

Obviously you can see the ‘Hitman’ mention on the box…

The above appears to be a page from a Hitman script – a script that mentions ‘gameplay’ at one point.

This looks like some form of Hitman story board…

Although the game hasn’t been officially confirmed yet – this is hardly the most subtle form of viral marketing we’ve seen. IO Interactive have been focusing exclusively on Kane and Lynch as of late, and now that the sequel is long gone, it makes sense that they would return to the franchise. We’ll wait for confirmation before getting too excited, but this is looking promising for fans longing for a new Hitman game.


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  • Sweet, ill be fully on board for this. There isnt enough stealth in todays games, its all wham bam thank you maam!
    As long as they dont change the main character (he better be bald, and MUST wear a suit…suit up! Lol)
    Bring it on, it has virtually no competition these days.
    And please, DO NOT DUMB IT DOWN TO REACH A WIDER AUDIENCE!! (those guys are perfectly happy with COD)

  • The thing I really like about this series is there is no single way to complete each mission. You can really take your time to learn the patterns of the target and the people in your way of the target.

  • I’d certainly like me another Hitman.
    Originally played and finished Blood Money on the original Xbox, but I bought the 360 version not to long ago. Should finish that one at some point.

  • Blood Money is the pinnacle of the series, all they have to do is follow the formula.

  • I really need to play through Hitman Blood Money all the way through. I just find it hard to commit to, for some reason.

  • Nice, I’ve been playing through the series (PC) at the moment. Up to the third one (contracts)- still awesome. Hope the most recent game (blood money) can live up to the others. Very impressive level design so far (to name a few there’s the hotel; penthouse; that insanely difficult but rewarding nuke/boat mission; petersburg). So many ways/strategies to carry out the kill which I find funny when other developers are still trying to achieve that same design of ‘multiple paths’ that Hitman did 10 years ago.

    I can’t help shake the feeling that Hitman 5 will be a cover shooter looking at the growing trend of shooters (splinter cell?). Please keep the gameplay of the originals! I prefer games that don’t treat me like I have ADD.

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