Hollywood To Make Another Doom Movie. It’ll Be A Reboot.

Hollywood To Make Another Doom Movie. It’ll Be A Reboot.

The last Doom movie was released in 2005, which should be enough time for viewers to erase the dreadful picture from their brains.

Universal Pictures is rumoured to be moving forward with another Doom flick. According to website What’s Playing, the flick is in the early stages of development and is “a reboot – one that entirely skips over the events of the insipid 2005 film”. So it doesn’t sound like Dwayne Johnson will be returning.

The movie doesn’t have a screenwriter or director yet, apparently, but What’s Playing says the film will be in 3D. Glad Hollywood has its priorities straight.

Hollywood Insider : Doom you Hollywood [What’s Playing via VideoGamer][Pic]


  • “The movie doesn’t have a screenwriter or director yet”

    The movie will never have a director or a screenwiter, but I bet your ass it will still be released.

    All the movie would be is 2 hours of FRAPS’d Doom footage.

    Actually… *loads up Doom 95*

  • Actually apart from botching the storyline and the origins of the demons, I didn’t think Doom was *that* bad. On the scale of “video game to movie adapations”, I considered it one of the better ones.

  • Having the demons come from DNA cloning and not the depths of Hell is what ruined it for me. Although the FPS sequence near the end was pretty cool

    • That’s exactly what I was going to mention. The movie was a pretty bad action movie, but the first person shooter sequence was actually kind of cool. Anyone know any other movies that have done that?

      I guess it will be good for them to not make a sequel, but can you really call it a reboot when there was only one movie? I thought reboot was a term more reserved for restarting a long standing franchise.

  • That DOOM movie ruled for one simple reason.

    That was the closest an adaptation ever got to the source material I have ever seen.
    The rest of the movie was just filler.

  • I thought the original movie was fun, provided you put it into the correct perspective:

    It’s Doom. What sort of movie did you think it was going to be, seriously?
    The cast? again, it’s Doom. Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban are great picks, based off the source material. It’s not like they were going to have ‘serious’ actors or Oscar winning performances.

    I put it into the same category as the Resident Evil movies, The Mummy, etc – simple, fun and often silly action movies, which there are not enough of these days.

    If it was something like an Uncharted movie, I’d understand the criticism, but again, IT’S DOOM.

    • I know what you mean, and do like those movies too, but I don’t think The Mummy should be mentioned with others like Doom. It feels like The Mummy might have started out as just a silly action movie that was kind of b grade and didn’t make much sense, but it actually turned out to be pretty good and entertaining.

      Better than others of the same ilk anyway.

  • All I wanted from Doom was 3 things.
    Be on Mars: Check
    Demons: No.
    Portal to Hell: No.

    End result: Resident Evil in space.

    Lets see if we can at least get 2 of 3 this time.

  • yeh lost a lot of respective for carmack allowing them to change the background story on this. a proper doom flick without bowing to studios would rule.
    oh and dwayne wasnt the doom guy anyway so why should he return?

  • Now come the fuck on. We’ve had an attempt at a Doom movie, the results were entertaining at the least, it made a few cool references to the games and their makers… I don’t know why they’re “rebooting” this. It was far from a great movie, even by video game movie standards, but it wasn’t that awful.

    If they redo it, it had want to be set in HELL this time, with demons directly lifted from the original games. I would also like to see the boxy environments of Doom recreated for realz, and those red skyboxes, pentagrams, zombies on spikes, scrolling faces in the walls… etc. And perhaps even an impaled John Romero head or two. Not some other generic fucking Event Horizon style space ship.

    They could do this so well if they simply stuck by the games, not trying to make it some blockbuster that appeals to everyone. Shit, if they simply had the premise down: “DEMONS FROM HELL”… they’d be on the right track.

  • Doom would be practically impossible to turn into a serious feature film.

    “Fire and Brimstone Hell” is basically a joke that very few can take seriously. If Doom were turned into a horror film, the mere premise would be hard to make into something truly horriffic. You’d need to radically re-interpret hell into something, yes, rather like Event Horizon. Or possibly somewhat Lovecraftian. However, an obviously “Christian Hell with fire and brimstone and lava pits etc etc” is simply too overdone to take seriously.

    Now, lets look at the setup… Lone Space Marine kills everything.

    Okay, so we have a badass escapist character that some people in the audience wish they were….

    So yes, we need more characters. And we need characters people can IDENTIFY with. This doesn’t mean they have to suck; what it means is that they have personality traits the audience members see in themselves.

    So, you’d have to do an ensemble cast. There goes the loneness element, unless you split up the cast and everyone deals with things alone, but that would run the danger of making things repetitive (just like Doom!).

    Honestly, I don’t see how the IP could be translated to film without making VERY substantial changes.

  • You know Tom Hall? The gut who created Commander Keen and quit id Software during Doom’s development? Well, he wrote the original concept for Doom. It was called the Doom bible, and it was different from what Doom ended up as. One of the things which were to be in Doom according to it is a strong storyline with many characters, which could do well in a Doom movie. One of these characters would give advice and commands to the player until the first encounter with the Barons of Hell, where he dies, leaving the player to deal with everything on his own. The writer of the movie could take this idea and cross it with an existing Doom character, maybe Sergeant Kelly from Doom 3.
    And I think that if hell can’t be the christian kind of hell, it could be a chtulu-ish kind of hell. Because one of the first things I can think of when anything Lovecraftian is mentioned is Quake, and Quake is the cloaest thing to Doom which isn’t Doom.

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