How About Earning And Tracking Points In the RPG That Is Life?

OK, maybe life isn't the best role-playing game, but it's pretty damn important. And that's why San Francisco start-up GreenGoose created lifestyle platform to track it.

Packaged with a water bottle, toothbrush and a vitamin container, the GreenGoose logs how many times a week people, say, pick up their toothbrush, awarding them points each time they do.

There are sensors on the bottles and the toothbrush for tracking - as well as a credit-card sized pedometer - that can communicate with the GreenGoose base station that's attached to a broadband router.

The points that players earn are worth, well, nothing per se, other than hopefully a healthy body and clean teeth. And that is priceless.

Turn Real Life Into a Role-Playing Game With GreenGoose Sensors [Medagadget Thanks, Andrew!]


    Wow, awesome idea!

    WTF?! You gotta be kidding me!! RPG? Not likely. Not even a single fireball or longsword in sight.

      You have to be kidding me, you really need to grind more.

      Fireballs are a natural result of a big night of curry.

      And as for longswords, well I don't mean to brag but my wife says......

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