How Do You Do Ken?


    I've been playing SSFIV while my pet Budgie has been in the same room.
    I'm hoping he picks up on it and starts screaming "HADOKEN!" at random moments.

      I reckon you should try the same thing with Duke Nukem Forever.

        Maybe I should make an mp3 playlist of catch phrases and play it to him on loop

    Shouldnt it be " How ryu doing ken"?

      Oops. It even has unintended homoerotic undertones. ;) But for the record, it would totally be Ken doing Ryu, cos Ken is THE MAN!!!!

    You're the coolest, marky-mark!

    In more related news, that tee is pretty bloody killer. It's just unfortunate that it's still in the voting process and not actually in print at the moment...
    Hopefully the exposure on here might help it get the votes it needs to go into production :)

    Or liu kang's "you put the doggy, put the doggy on the fence".

      i like his "wooop woop woop woop woop"

    Less Shoto, more Claw....

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