How To Access A Demo 3DS' Main Menu

Demo units of the Nintendo 3DS are out in many major retailers now. They autoload Pilotwings Resort, or whatever game they're demonstrating, so you can't access the device's menu. Well, now you can, so you can see for yourself what lies beneath.

The instruction, per a commenter at Nintendo 3DS Blog:

Hold the power button until the 3DS is off. Press and hold simultaneously the following buttons for 3 seconds: start, select, L, and R. Press the power button and a menu should pop up on screen that asks about a StreetPass feature. Press the home button to go to the menu.

That video above comes from another of their readers, showing the hack in action.

How to Access a 3DS Demo Unit's Menu [Nintendo 3DS Blog]


    Are there any instore demo units in Australia or will we have to wait until release?

      Game in WA have been getting nintendo reps approximately once a week for an hour to come in with a few 3DS's for customers to play. If you have any local stores give them a call and they will tell you when they are supposed to have reps come in.
      PS. We're not happy with the reps at the moment though, they told us they'd be there at 3pm last sunday for an hour. They got there at 1pm. We told them to come back later, they had a sad, left, came back at 3 and left 25 minutes later.

        Know exactly what you mean, the nintendo reps are useless, I'm at the GAME store on the gold coast and have already complained about them being late/ not showing up at all.

      There is a 3DS expo booth thing going on at Marion Shopping centre in Adelaide today and all weekend.. Between like 9 and 5 or something. :)
      Its already been to a few cities I think.. But there is a post on kotaku somewhere with the venues dates and times if you look hard enough.

      I checked it out today and I was very impressed, particularly with how well the 3d was done on Oot and SSF4. I hardly ever lost focus with those! The other games were ok with 3d, but i kept losing focus and having to readjust my eyes and position.

      Kid Icarus was pretty impressive also gameplay wise. :)

    It's not a "hack" if it's built into the console...

    Is that '.hack' in the tags? As opposed to the standard 'hack'? If so, you have my applause.

    Hey I went today to a best buy. The console is amazing but they fixed this. I tried for like 10 minutes.

    I was able to do this by putting it on standby (or shutting it off... I held the power button but it said it was on standby), and pressing the home button. I got to play with mii maker and sound before I left.

    I cannot get this to work and I am very frustrated! There are two demo 3ds in my game store. One in Mario Kart demo mode and one in Lego City game mode where you cannot press the Home button. One unit restarts when you power it off but none of them react to me pressing the above buttons. Another site states that I should press them in order, which I did, with same dissapointing result. Please advise what to do, what to try or what to avoid as I am going crazy! BR Lars from Denmark

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