'I Only Play As Femshep', And Other Hipster Musings On Mass Effect

Hipsters. The scourge of modern times. And also scourge of the distant future, if this wonderful Mass Effect page is anything to go by.

fuckyeahhipstereffect is a collection of, well, Mass Effect characters being ironic. And self-righteous. And annoying. Oh, and hilarious.

You don't need to have played Mass Effect to enjoy, but you'll enjoy it a hell of a lot more if you have. There are some highlights above, but for the full experience check out the site below.

For the record, I played Mass Effect in 2007. Before it was popular. By the time Mass Effect 2 was released in 2010, it had gotten too mainstream.


[Thanks Shaun!]


    I played Mass Effect 1 on vinyl, before they sold out.

      "I made video games about memes before they were sold out." Hideo Kojima

    I read this thread on the mass effect forum, months ago... before it sold out to Fuckyeahhipstereffect... and certainly long before it hit the Kotaku mainstream.

    this article is so mainstream

    It's "solipsism", you clod.


    I'm not even gonna post here!

    Hey I like arcade fire, they whooped lady gaga's tin foil ass!

    I'm far too poorly groomed to be hipster.

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