If Konami Makes Big Changes, This Game Creator Will Quit

If Konami Makes Big Changes, This Game Creator Will Quit

Game maker Hudson is now fully enveloped by Konami. And Konami is firing people and cancelling games.

Akira Sakuma (not pictured) created the Momotaro Dentetsu series of train themed board game-style video games for Hudson. Sakuma works freelance, but notes in a recent blog entry that he’s 60 years old. As someone who’s sixty years old, he doesn’t seem up to learn new tricks from Konami, adding that if the company requests “major changes” for Momotaro Dentetsu, he will retire.

What’s more, if the Momotaro Dentetsu development team is dissolved and totally new people are brought in, Sakuma says, “I plan to end the Momotaro Dentetsu.” Of course, Konami now owns Momotaro Dentetsu, so Sakuma can’t actually “end” it, but by leaving the successful series, Sakuma would be doing as much in the eyes of fans.

Sakuma does say Konami hasn’t told him yet to make any major changes and that he is interested in fitting in with Konami. “At this age, I can’t make drastic changes,” he writes. And at this age, Sakuma shouldn’t have to.

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