If Pokémon Aren't Slaves, Then Why Do You Call Yourselves Masters?

It's about time somebody thought of the Pokémons.

They're people too! Well, not people...pocket monsters. But when you cut them, they bleed, and...well, no, they don't do that either. They just faint a lot.

Look, just stop capturing these poor creature and enslaving them, OK? It's not right.


    I know a certain individual who only catches Water Pokemon in the game. Shame on them. I use up all my Pokeballs.

    Beaten to the punch, guys, sorry.

    Team Plasma in Pokemon Black and White actually are this, and want to free all Pokemon from the tyranny of their trainers.

      This joke has been made for years, and Team Plasma is hard to take seriously when they're kicking the shit out of things for fairy dust.

      Yes, but did they make a video?
      Also, I don't think team plasma are exactly what they seem.

    That was absolutely brilliant!

    that sounds like a challenge, beat any pokemon game without fighting xD

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