If You’re Gonna Play SOCOM 4, Use A Shotgun

If You’re Gonna Play SOCOM 4, Use A Shotgun

SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals is an upcoming tactical shooter for the PS3 that is in multiplayer beta. Want to know a good tactic? Use the shotgun.

Excuse the music and the on-screen text additions (ungh), but this clip shows the shotgun in use – namely, how it is able to pick off enemies at longer ranges.

Not all in the kids in this video are ranged, however. There are a fair share of up close shotgun take-downs.

SOCOM 4 is slated for release next month.

PS3『SOCOM 4』のショットガンの威力がおかしい [はちま起稿]


  • I’ve never fired an actual shotgun (or been hit by one), and I’m not aware of much of the science/physics behind this type of firearm. I do think that most game’s shotguns however, are worse than useless at anything other than point-blank range. Surely these weapons (or at least, some of them) can hit targets that are more than 10 metres away?

    The only game that has shotguns that can kill anything other than those standing directly adjacent to players are those found in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

    • I’ve seen a few shotguns in games that function a bit more realistically (ie. function at range), but they are still few and far between (and I’m not counting the crazy sci-fi variants like Unreal’s flak cannon with the grenade function, or Painkiller’s shotgun with nitrogen bolts that freeze enemies so even a light sprinkling of buckshot will shatter them).

      Then of course you get the occasional swings too far in the other direction – the shotgun in Serious Sam 2 was so effective at all ranges that most of the other weapons were relatively useless or at the very least inefficient by comparison!

    • Bad Company 2 – shotgun with solid slugs and magnum ammo. Once I got on to that one, it was the only weapon combo I ever really used.

      Headshot with a shotty from 500m away – priceless. Got a giggle out of me just about every time.

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