Infinity Blade Goes Dungeon Diving At A Discount

Infinity Blade Goes Dungeon Diving At A Discount

Chair Entertainment spices up sexy iPhone swordfest Infinity Blade with The Deathless Kings, a free update that brings the quest for medieval combat dominance into the darkest dungeon depths, along with a discount to lure new players to their doom.

Tired of slashing away at the same old enemies in the same old locations? Sure, Infinity Blade might be the best looking iPhone / iPad game on the market, but looks aren’t everything. You need variety, and that’s just what The Deathless Kings update brings. Ten new enemies await the edge of your blade in six new dungeon-themed arenas, as the quest to unravel the mystery behind the Deathless Kings takes an underground turn.

The update brings new character slots for players that’d like to share; a New Game+ mode for players that’ve already been there; and more than 30 new pieces of equipment for players to master with care.

Epic Games is celebrating the update with a special sale on both versions of the app. If you’ve yet to experience the glory of the game’s combat, $2.99 is a lovely price to do so at.


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