Internet Explorer 9 Now Available For Download

Yeah, it's not technically about games, but chances are you're reading this post on a browser of some kind - correct? So if you happen to be a IE fanboy, then get downloading - because IE9 has been available since 3pm. I'm more of a Firefox man myself, but just thought I'd give you the heads up.

But while I'm here - which browser do you guys use? Let us know in the comments below.


    Chrome at work.
    IE9, Chrome and Opera at home.

    People still use Internet Explorer?!?

      Most Buisnesses use IE.

      However it is rarely the most up to date ones - they tend to go with the most secure ones.

        In my experience, they tend go to with the one pre-installed on the computer.

        When I had Chrome at my last job, my boss asked me why my internet looked more "high-tech".

          Yep. I tried to install Firefox on my work computer but they said I wasn't allowed :(

        Given that IE is repeatedly shown to be one of the *least* secure browsers, I don't think it's got anything to do with security. In majority of cases, it's to support legacy apps that were written to work on IE6 (if it 'works' on IE6, it's almost guaranteed not to work in any modern or standards-compliant browser)

      came here to say this. IE just runs soooooo slow.

    Chrome, the beta for IE9 didn't do anything for me

    Firefox 4.0 RC

      I've been using that recently too and think it's pretty decent. Been a Firefox user for many many years because I love the flexibility it offers through the wealth of plugins.

      Also use Safari or RockMelt for viewing flash video, because it always stutters on Firefox... probably due to all the installed plugins and open tabs (typically 20+)!


    Chrome at work and home

    Look at me I'm Kotakuing from IE9!

    I either use IE or Chrome usually.

    People actually use Internet Explorer?

    I was under the impression it's only purpose was for downloading Firefox...

      lol! Yeah, precisely!
      You do a fresh install of Windows. Then you start Internet Explorer so you can download Firefox.


    Firefox, used IE longer than I should have, but in my experience it is 6 of one half a dozen of another.


    chrome, I'm amused Firefox rc 4.0 is a chrome clone

      Keep dreaming

      Thanks for reminding me to download Firefox 4.

    I use the current stable release of FireFox at home, and I also use IE at home when remote logging in to their portals and exchange mail since they need IE for the best experience.

    FireFox all the way for standard browsing though :D

    worst... IE... evar...

    seriously... i tried it and its shit... nice try copying chrome/firefox with the interface... but you broke so much other shit microsoft... forget it!

    Chrome = overrated. Wow you shave off milliseconds on loading a page? So what, you lack support for simple addons and user customisation. Basically an Apple browser in a Windows PC world.

    IE = always bugged, always unsecure. Even older versions like IE6 are more vulnerable than the the rc releases of the other browsers. Surfing the net with any version of IE is like banging a $2 call girl without a rubber.

    Firefox and Opera = most reliable and most consistent in all fields.

      Um sir/mam Chrome has extensions. And is pretty customisable. Maybe you should try it and stop talking it down. Firefox is clunky in both design and functionality also. I also had Opera for a time, but I think it stopped working for some reason so I switched to Chrome. Never regretted the move.

    I used to love Opera, but I've started using Chrome and love it even more.

    i have an incredible moustache, so you kind of already know that i use Safari . . . wherever i go & always. Safari: for those moments when you know you're impossibly cool. Sorry, i have to go, my Russian girlfriend just got back from her photo shoot. Now she's wondering where i left the keys to the Lamborghini. I tell you, it's 24 hours a day with that woman! But do tell me your very first impressions of the IE9; I can always find time for you & you . . . & you & - to a lesser extent - you.

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