iPad 2 Aussie Pricing Revealed - Who's Getting One?

I don't have an iPad. I'm still not convinced I need one. My master plan was to wait for the iPad 2 and the expected retina display upgrade. That didn't happen, but now that the Aussie pricing details have been revealed I'm considering buying one...

The prices are as follows:

MC769X/A iPad 2 Black 16GB – Wi-Fi $579.00 MC773X/A iPad 2 Black 16GB – Wi-Fi + 3G $729.00 MC770X/A iPad 2 Black 32GB – Wi-Fi $689.00 MC774X/A iPad 2 Black 32GB – Wi-Fi + 3G $839.00 MC916X/A iPad 2 Black 64GB – Wi-Fi $799.00 MC775X/A iPad 2 Black 64GB – Wi-Fi + 3G $949.00

MC979X/A iPad 2 White 16GB – Wi-Fi $579.00 MC982X/A iPad 2 White 16GB – Wi-Fi + 3G $729.00 MC980X/A iPad 2 White 32GB – Wi-Fi $689.00 MC983X/A iPad 2 White 32GB – Wi-Fi + 3G $839.00 MC981X/A iPad 2 White 64GB – Wi-Fi $799.00 MC984X/A iPad 2 White 64GB – Wi-Fi + 3G $949.00

MC947ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Leather Black $79.00 MC952ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Leather Cream $79.00 MC949ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Leather Navy $79.00 MC948ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Leather Tan $79.00

MC942ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Polyurethane Blue $45.00 MC944ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Polyurethane Green $45.00 MC939ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Polyurethane Grey $45.00 MC945ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Polyurethane Orange $45.00 MC941ZM/A iPad 2 Smart Cover – Polyurethane Pink $45.00

MC953ZM/A Digital AV Adapter $45.00

Anyone thinking about buying an iPad 2?


    I have a MacBook Air and an iPhone 3GS (which I plan to upgrade when the next model comes out). In terms of portable Apple products, I think I've got my bases covered. Really, the iPad doesn't offer anything that I can't do with those two devices so the price would have to be considerably lower for it to seem worthwhile.

    Even if I had the money I wouldn't be able to justify spending that much on something that's just a gadget. I've never understood why people think it's such a great and revolutionary invention, at least the iPhone is a phone and you can take it out on a bus without feeling like an idiot.

    Actually thinking I might skip this release.. as much as I love technology, the new features aren't really enough to warrant the $$$.

    If I sold my iPad 1, then that could subsidise the cost, but would be more likely to give it to the family.

    I don't need one and don't really like them but I do have a weakness for shiny things and couldn't help noticing how shiny and pretty the iPad is while sitting next to a lady mainlining Mad Men on hers during the plane trip from Miami to LA.

    I don't have an iAnything, I've even avoided smartphones so far (I waste enough time on the internet so I don't feel the need to carry it around with me!) but even the cheap model seems too pricey for what is essentially a toy.

    If stores started selling off the old model for $200 a pop then I'd snap one of those up.

    Definitely getting one! Can't decide between black and white though... Thinking it may be better to just get one then buy the other bezel from RadTech and do a DIY install.

    5pm launch is a bit weird...

    No thanks.

    I'm still living completely iFree, and i don't see that changing anytime soon

      Same here, but if they ever make a vacuum cleaner called the iSuck then I might cave and get it just for giggles

      iFree all the way baby.

      In fact, completely Apple-free. That's not changing anytime soon...or at all.

      i dont have any apple products either. the ipad is just too expensive for what it is, and without support for flash, it makes my browsing experience sad :(

      but i just want to play infinity blade :(

        Really? I have Infinity Blade and while it's OK, you're not really missing anything. If it was a PC game you wouldn't give it a second look.


      I own two idevices and I am proud to say I did not pay a cent for either of them.

    Personally, I've got no use for these at all. My wife, however, is starting to drop dark and mysterious hints about how she'd love to have something easy she can just pick up and surf the net on without having to start up the PC.

    If it does get to the point of getting a tablet, though, I'll think I'll wait and see what the next batch of Android/Win 7 ones are like.

    If nothing else I'll save a fortune in black skivvies, berets and lattes by going for something other than an Apple.

    32gb wifi for me. My wife teaches at a laptop school (preference towards iPad), and I hate to say that I have been enamoured with the device since she brought it home. Here's to another $700 being spent on something I don't really need!

    damn... i'm tempted... but i dunno...

    "I don’t have an iPad. I’m still not convinced I need one."

    No-one *needs* an iPad. You can continue breathing perfectly fine without one.

    If you're not convinced you'll have a use for one, then don't buy one. Easy.

    I'd much rather an Android equivalent.
    The biggest reason for me to get a tablet would be to watch divx movies when I go traveling (don't want to waste my time converting a video format that should be supported). I also enjoy iview and livestream so again Apple is a terrible choice for me.

      There is an official iView app for iPad. I can see my gf using it to watch Little Dorrit and Pride and Prejudice which nicely frees up the playstation for games of an evening.

      Just because the default movie player on iOS won't play certain files, doesn't mean you can't play them on the device. There's quite a few video player apps in the App Store.

    I also can't imagine what I'd actually use it for, other than MAYBE reading e-books. Everything else I can use my iPhone for, but the screen is just too small to read long documents.

    So really I'd be paying 5x the price for something I'd use as if it were a Kindle.


    Mark Serrels: more hipster than man.

      He probably has an Apple Lisa, y'know... the ones they were making before they sold out.

      Wont be too many years before the PC users will be the hipsters lol :D

    Last week I bought a netbook with a 250 gig HDD for $350. It doesn't have a touchscreen, but it connects to our WLAN which is pretty much the only requirement I personally have for a portable computer.

    The only real downside, as I see it, is that I can't play Angry Birds on it. I will have to console myself by buying other things with the $600 I did not spend on a piece of technology that will be superseded by... oh... let's say October. Calling it now. Next gen iPad in October 2011.

      Yes you can, Intel released it on their PC app store.

        So I officially have no reason to pay for an iPad. Awesome!

    Totally getting one. I might hold off a bit seeing as I should be getting a 3DS next week and it's slightly obscene to be spending so much money on presents for myself. If you already have an iphone I recommend not getting the +3G version of the ipad, seeing as you can now use your iphone as a personal hotspot to share internet.

    My android tablet is on its way... why would I want an iPad? Having found out that you need a Mac and a 4 Gig download to develop iPhone apps, I'd rather spend money on a platform I can work with.

    I'll get an iPod touch when my classic kicks the bucket.

    I wouldn't mind getting an ipad, I don't currently have one but I think I'm going to avoid this and wait for the next one. To be honest, the ipad2 seems more like a slightly updated ipad1 rather than a proper upgrade.

    They would have been better off calling it the ipad1.5 or using the naming convention of the second iphone, an ipad3GS ;)

    I have wanted one since the original gen for interesting takes on music making purposes. That coupled with the fact I use my iPhone around 6 hours a day means having one of these would make my life a lot nicer and filled with less frequent charging. Definitely getting one :3

    Can't wait! I was suprised how much use I get from my iPad everyday: I read books & check my mail/news on public transport in the morning, used quite often in meetings at work, movies/tv on a plane flights or some casual gaming in the evening...
    Personally, I find I get my moneys worth out of this device.

    No thanks. Im set on my 3ds next week, then getting a new 360 the week after.
    Maybe down the track id consider one

    I can relate to most posters here, I never thought I'd make any use of an IPad, I saw it just an oversized IPhone, until the day my gf gave it to me as a gift and obviously i couldn't let that go to waste.

    but now, I use it almost everyday, I carry it around everyday with me, I can't seem to live without it, I have Telstra 3G plan on it via my company and wifi whilst im at home or out and about.

    It's no doubt rather convinient in times when I don't want to use my laptop, slow and big, whilst Ipad is already up and ready for use.

    I use it for work, RDP,Telnet and SSH for work, I use it for my car to play music, I use it to check my e-mails for both personal and work, for internet when im on the road, play games whilst i wait at any place I'm bored waiting for instance doctors and restraunts, I use it as my GPS system and much much more... pretty much an all In one for me..

    That's just my thoughts ! :)

    I want one, but not willing to spend that much...
    although when/if minecraft comes out for the iPad ill probably be ordering one the same day.
    *curse you minecraft addiction*

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