IPad 2 "Built For Gaming"

John Gruber of Daring Fireball, reviewing the iPad 2, had a developer friend write a quick testing suite for the tablet's upgraded graphics:

For example, on my original iPad, with 200 on-screen sprites, the framerate dropped to 45 fps. On the iPad 2, with 400 on-screen sprites, the framerate remained at 65 fps. On the iPad 1, Guy's demo app dropped below 60 fps with about 100 animated sprites; on the iPad 2, it didn't drop below 60 fps until there were over 750 animated sprites.

After I showed him the results, Guy told me, "The results show that the iPad 2 is easily about twice as powerful as the original and that this speed gain is a freebie - you don't need to change your code structure in order to see significant gains.

[Daring Fireball]


    Built for gaming?... Not convinced unless something like an IPad version of Starcraft 2 comes out. -_-

    Um "misleading headline is misleading"?

    I have an xbox 360. Apparently that was built for gaming too I hear...

    Sprites? Seriously? When was the last time anyone's used a sprite-based performance test?

    What about polygons? The original iPad could handle sprites just fine, but its 3D visuals and their performance were HORRIBLE.

    I've compared Infinity Blade on iPad, iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. The iPad is so far behind the other two that it's pathetic. The gap between the 4 and the 3G isn't that bad in terms of special effects and textures, but the resolution on the 4 makes a pretty big difference.

      If you read the whole article, rather than just the snippet here, it does explain in far more detail how much better a gaming platform the iPad2 is than the original iPad, including far better fill rates, a GPU that can handle the heavy lifting and almost double the floating point and integer performance, as well as twice the RAM.

        Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to read the whole article, since I'm at work at the moment. It seems like there were better choices of text to quote than this tiny bit about sprites then.

    Unless you can plug a controller into it, I wouldn't say its built for gaming.

    Touch screen controls and waggling are fine for the likes of Angry Birds and Doodle Jump, but for anything else its just plain arse.

    I'll probably play games on my iPad2. AngryBirds HD, Infinity Blade, Canabalt maybe, prob NBA Jam- but they will be in downtime away from Playstation and Mac proper. As well as putting up with people in real life.

    iPad was never a 'games machine' per se, but the fact that it does all that it does, PLUS it does (admittedly, mostly casual) games better than most other portable plats, is a selling point. It may not be a primary reason to have one, but it complements rather nicely. Ask the 8 million who have one so far.

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