Is It Whether You Finish Or Not, Or How Long You Play The Game?

Of those who started Heavy Rain, 72 percent finished it, according to the president of the studio behind the game. That's a rather striking number for any video game, especially compared to another major hit released about the same time.

That would be Mass Effect 2, whose completion rate was about 50 percent, notes IGN. It makes the figure quoted by Quantic Dream's David Cage impressive indeed, and a testament to storytelling in games.

There's still enough out there though to make it not as much of an apples-to-apples comparison. Both Mass Effect 2 and Heavy Rain had variable story lengths. Most accounts have that game finishing in the 9 to 11 hour range although there is a lot of optional content elsewhere. The figures IGN quotes for Mass Effect 2 show an average completion time of 33 hours.

On one hand, Heavy Rain is an achievement because it shows that gamers are still motivated to finish a highly story-driven game, one capable of holding their attention four or five times longer than a feature film.

On the other, if half of everyone who started a sprawling space RPG like Mass Effect also finished the game, and put an average of 33 hours into doing so, isn't that as much, if not more, of a success?

GDC: 72 Percent of Players Finished Heavy Rain [IGN]


    Wow. Both of my ME2 playthroughs went for about 50 hrs!

    On the other other hand I finished the story of Dragon Quest IX and then went on to do optional content for something like 130 hrs, which when I'm feeling up to it I will go back and continue.

    I don't really have time to finish games anymore.
    Hell, I'm still trying to finish WoW..

    Im guessing the other 50% thought "Hey I've already played Mass Effect 1...why am I playing the same story again"

      More likely they were distracted by the next new shiny object...

        Or got to the sex scene and realised there is better stuff out there in the aether that is the interwebs.

    definitely how long you play the game. i played nethack for years before finishing it and continue to play it to this day.

    in fact, 'scuse me...

    "Im guessing the other 50% thought “Hey I’ve already played Mass Effect 1…why am I playing the same story again”"

    ...were you paying ANY attention?!

    The only similar part was "universal threat Shepard must face"!

    50% sounds about right. While I finished ME2, I only finish roughly half the games I buy these days (even including tacked-on campaign modes for games like CoD or BC2).

    Loved every minute of Heavy Rain. Just disappointed we wont see all the dlc released.

    Played through Heavy Rain once and ME2 doesn't interest me.

    Generally speaking I rarely play through a game twice but I do from time to time revisit favourite levels within. I still have a fair few in my collection that have not been finished and haven't seen the light of day for some time.

    That said, 'tis not for lack of want to play said games, just because as a regular buyer, I always seem to have something else to play.

    A game like Skate 3 however I would easily have played for 100 plus hours. Doesn't matter that i haven't achieved everything the game has to offer but i find the value in a game to be in the time spent with it, not the end game. Bottom line is if it keeps you interested and coming back for more then it's only a good thing right?

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