Is Left 4 Dead Getting Ripped Off?

Is Left 4 Dead Getting Ripped Off?

Survival shooter Left 4 Dead features a whole cast of memorable zombies. So does upcoming zombie game Yakuza: Of The End. Thing is, I remember them being in Left 4 Dead first.

The demo for Yakuza: Of The End shows some of the zombies that appear in the game. They seem to be either homages or very blatant rip-offs of the Left 4 Dead zombies. In the Yakuza game, there’s a L4D-type “Boomer” zombie called “Metabo” (referring to metabolic syndrome), a L4D-type “Tank” zombie called “Dekamacho” (big macho) and a L4D-type “Witch” zombie called “Nakionna” (crying lady). The Witch zombie continues crying when she appears, until she’s disturbed.

In Yakuza: Of The End, the game’s urban setting experiences an outbreak, turning folks into the walking dead. It’s up to Kazuma Kiryu, a former gangster, to stop the zombies. The game will be out later this month in Japan. It will have Left 4 Dead like zombies in it. And hostesses.

PS3『龍が如く OF THE END』のゾンビがまんま「レフト4デッド」のパクリな件 [はちま起稿]



    • I don’t see how you can draw that conclusion. RE doesn’t have the different zombie types, the AI director, the hordes, the 4 player co-op, the forced teamwork due to the special zombie abilities, the multiple campaign set up with multiple levels in each.

      In fact the only similarities are that there are zombies and you shoot them, and there have been hundreds of those other than RE.

      This is a blatant ripoff, I have no problem with someone making another zombie game. I even wouldn’t mind if they also included special zombies, it was a cool idea and cool ideas are often incorporated into game genres once someone has done them, such as cover systems or regenerative health.

      However here they have completely ripped off not only the type of special zombies but the exact designs as well. This is pretty shameful. Might as well call it ‘Also Left 4 Dead.. in Japan’

      • I still stand by the comment, RE was all about survival, they had multiple enemy types (not just zombies), and they had the co-operative Outbreak spin off but it was developed as a tense and slow paced game. I’m not denying that L4D and the features that it contains, most of the features are things that weren’t possible for RE back then.

        L4D is about survival also, hence the name of the game, my comment is simply stating that if you turned up the dials on all the core mechanics in RE, you are going to have a fast paced zombie survial bloodbath similar to L4D.

        • Except that he’s not raguing about the core mechanics (ie bullets go in, undead brains come out) it’s the fact that their vomiting zombie looks exactly like L4D’s, their big strong zombie looks exactly like L4D’s, their crying deadly girl zombie looks….actually on second look, I think theirs is a guy in drag. Look at those legs!

  • I wouldn’t call this an homage. For something like that, wouldn’t they have to have outright called them by their real names?

    More to the point, who is dumb enough to try and rip of a massively popular series like L4D?

  • @oggob

    L4D could be seen as “just a Resident Evil game on speed” but really there are a lot of differences.

    There is borrowing ideas, expanding on them etc etc and then there is blatantly copying something. Yakuza is clearly the latter of the two.

    • I Agree,

      The L2D series has it’s owflavour, that is distinct. It is a full on action game, with hints of humor that other games fail to match. The charachters stay with you after playing the game, and it really does feel like an old zombie hack fest movie. I doubt many clones will capture this flavour, including this one. Need another campaign for L4D2.

  • Didn’t Dead Nation on the PSN also have “boomers” and “tanks”? Seem to remember seeing both in that game when I played it a few months back.

    “Normal” zombies just aren’t good enough for game devs anymore, apparently.

  • Is anyone else over the whole “super zombie” thing? I like my zombies the good old fashioned way, brainless walkers… all these “special” ones totally ruin it for me.

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