Is Microsoft Getting Serious About Next-Gen?

Is Microsoft Getting Serious About Next-Gen?

Console makers are always working on new stuff – you know, tinkering. But Microsoft is putting its money where its mouth is and hiring up for what could very well be a new console.

There are three job listings: one for a “hardware verification engineer“, another for a “VLSI graphics architect“, and one for a “VLSI performance architect“. Note: VSLI stands for “Very Large Scale Integration”.

As website CVG points out, the engineer listing reads, “Come join a dynamic engineering team and play a key role in the development and verification of the Xbox and future platforms.” That’s innocuous stuff; however, the graphics architect gig offers a bit more enticement: “The Xbox Console Architecture team is hiring for a Graphics hardware architect position. The team is responsible for defining and delivering next generation console architectures from conception through implementation.”

With the recent release of the Kinect, Microsoft has been bullish about the life expectancy of the current Xbox 360. But when you think that the console was released way back in 2004 and take into account the recent next-gen game engine demos (here and here), you can’t help but think, yeah, we’re about due. But when?

Kotaku is following up with Microsoft and will update this post should the company comment.

News: MS posts next-gen Xbox job listing [CVG]


    • Well, if Microsofts history is anything to go by, backward compatability will be limited, and support for the 360 will be dumped once the new console drops. Goddamn it would be nice if Microsoft did right by their customers this time, but im not holding my breath…

      • The backwards compatibility is actually really good. It works with there most popular games like splinter cell, halo, Kotor etc and it works great. Originally it was buggy but they worked at fixing and comparable to the PS3 at leat it has backwards compatibility! Also they supported the original xbox until last year. not with game releases but the xbox live was still running and due to the the backwards compatibility makes support kind of redundant due to being able to play 360 games on whatever comes next!

      • There were only 25million Xboxes out there and a fraction of those used LIVE (about 3 million according to Wikipedia), this time around its at least 50 million sold and god knows how many live users, I’m expecting full B.C. next time around.

        Also the hordes of casuals who bought a KINECT will need an inducement to move up to the next gen – and B.C. is a big inducement – put it this way – I would’ve bought a PS3 in 2009 (I bought a 360) had it been compatible with the PS2

    • Is backwards compatability really a must?

      Im sure they will offer a level of it, but i for one can say the only games i have played on my 360 that are xbox branded would be Halo.

      Looking at their history saying its “Forward COmpatabile” its a high chance they will have similar setup as they did with the 360 (Look at how long Halo 2 lasted. I think MS will try and push it as long as they can, after all the massive user base they have, why would thay not try…)

      • Backwards compatibility is a big thing with the “hard core” it seems. Personally I don’t see why they don’t just make an emulator that they sell online. Being a paid for product would give them reason to support it and it would also give them data about how much backwards compatibility is begin used(though I’m sure if your console is online microsoft knows exactly what discs you’ve tried to play on your console anyway)

      • Backwards compatibility should always be available.

        My PS2 games look shocking on my 40inch LCD, but the OXbox games look great running through the 360.

        I didn’t own an OXbox so that was another plus when I decided to go 360.

        No compatabilty on the PS3 was a big minus.

        I do not consider myself a “hardcore” gamer.
        Just like to know that games I purchased in the past will be playable in the future, without me having to rebuy them digitally.

  • Maybe making a console that works, so we don’t have to buy 4 of them within it’s 10 year lifespan everytime they die

    • You guys have your 360s horizontal with the sides let free to suck in cool air right?

      Or is it because you play for too long or just leave it on when your not playing.

      I’ve had one 360…no probs.

    • Halo 3 Special Edition Console bought day of release, had it standing up for years before I laid it down just due to location… no issues… ever.. still going strong.

      I really don’t understand what people are doing to their consoles.

    • I have rrod’d once. and that was because I didn’t plug in the power cable fully I have been using it for 4 years now, nothing else has happened

  • I notice these are all hardware posts, MS is still a software company… I’m willing to bet they decided on software, so I’m guessing we’ll have an announcement at E3 next year, and maybe a worldwide launch Christmas 2012.

    If we’re putting in requests…
    As they’ve been going for a media centre approach it should include blueray and dvd (I’ve got a blueray player that can do both, so it’s got to be possible).
    I really like the controller, but maybe 2 or 4 more buttons (where the little and ring fingers rest).
    TV (AV)in port(the current process for recording tv is clunky and difficult).
    Get rid of the independent sections for different catagories on the dashboard (currently if I want to watch a movie I’ve got to log into zune. Or if I want to edit my avatar, that’s a seperate section as well).
    Mandatory customise controller configuration option on all games.
    Quieter and more stable.

  • I thought it was released November 2005? Personally backwards compatibility doesn’t interest me. I focus on the current gen and would prefer it if M$ focus on it too so we get a cheaper more tweaked console.

    • Thats the line there isnt it.

      Some people want only new things, some are stuck in the past, some cant decide and then there are others trying desperatly to catch up.

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