Is The Nintendo 3DS Grey Market Already Collapsing?

Before the Nintendo 3DS was released on February 26 in Japan, rumours swirled that the handheld would be in short supply. Pre-orders were sold out before the console hit stores. Those hoping to make a quick buck, swooped.

And from the sound of it, they got screwed.

The ¥25,000 ($310) Nintendo 3DS is going for around ¥20,500 to ¥22,000 on Yahoo! Auctions. Of course, that means many of those who purchased the 3DS with the sole intention of reselling it aren't even getting their money back!

This is a stark contrast to what the DS Lite fetched at its must-have frenzy.

『3DS』本体 2万円割れる日は近い テンバイヤー大損劇場はまだまだ続く [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃][Pic: Getty]


    Haha! Serves them right, some unlucky ppl probably missed out on a 3DS due to those dodgy dealers.

    It's going for less...?

    I don't really like that this happens, but I understand why it does. I can't imagine why it would go for less though, unless there were a lot of them online. From what I've seen with most 'limited editions' or first release consoles even when they have stock in the shop someone will buy it off ebay for more than its worth.

      I think it's cause nintendo has been steadily shipping out more and more, likely to specfically combat this. So they probably have a warehouse full, so all first releases, just staggered shipping.

    The gray market for 3ds hasn't really started as you can't count pre-sale orders. Once the item hits the selves, if demand outpaces supply those who pre-orderes will make a profit. If the market isn't there the resellers simply return them and get their money back. Smart resellers loose nothing, they only have the potential of gaining. Reportedly, there will be enough on launch day to fulfill most early pre-orders, but the retail shelves will be empty after launch. Nintendo is putting all the stock out for launch and pre-order fulfillment and then relying on factory production to steadily try to keep up with demand, but that won't be easy due to components being manufactured in Japan where the earthquake has disrupted even iPad 2 production of needed components. There will be shortages, possibly not right at launch, but certainly within one week. Besides, many resellers will buy them on credit cards to get points or cash back and therefore even if they sell at cost, they've still made out due to cc travel points and/or cash back. It's a win/win for the smart reseller. All retail stores are resellers. They buy at wholesale and turn around and sell to us for more. It's just they way commerce works and now we have more private individuals that can participate in profit making. This actually helps the economy because many resellers are middle class workers who use the money to pay their high taxes (property taxes are too high in many states due to over budgeted states that don't run right.

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