It's Boba Fett. Playing A Zelda Song. On The Accordion.

If you can't find something to like in this video, there may be something wrong with you.

To recap: This is a man sitting near the steps of a New York City subway station. He is wearing a Boba Fett helmet. And, upon his accordion, he is playing a rendition of the "Lost Woods" theme from The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.

If this guy didn't walk up those stairs with $US500 in cash spilling from his cap, New York City, there's something wrong with you.



    play us a song you're the acordion-boba-fett-man,
    play us a song tonight...

    That was pure class!
    Now if someone would jump in and do percussion, it would be perfect!

    I saw another video of him doing the Song of Storms! I thought that was just a one-off thing, but looks like he gets around =P

    I've admittedly never given anything to anyone playing the musics on the streets. But this guy can have all my money! That was so very, very awesome.

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