It's Not A Real Adventuring Party Until The Cover Bard Shows Up

In Dorkly's latest Final Fantasy-inspired short, the oft-maligned bard is oft-maligned once again, and Sugar Ray is sung with great gusto.

When I first started playing Dungeons & Dragons way back in the day, bards were the laughingstock of our adventuring group. Back then, being a bard took a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication, swapping classes back and forth, all for a reward that, in the end, wasn't really worth all the trouble. Later the rules would be revised to allow players to just be bards from the get-go. We hated those guys to, because they didn't have to put in all the work for their crappy class.

What I am trying to get across here, I suppose, is that Dungeons & Dragons groups can be worse that the real housewives of any city. Seriously. Now how about some Sugar Ray?


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