Japanese Man Hugs Xbox 360 Character On Prime Time Television

Japanese Man Hugs Xbox 360 Character On Prime Time Television

This evening in Japan, the unthinkable happened: a paid actor played visual novel Clannad in front of millions on network television. Then, he played Xbox 360 hostesses simulator Dream Club and hugged the television.

Nah, guess it wasn’t that unthinkable after all. Bizarre, though, as both are rather niche titles.

The program typically shows the generation gap between Japanese in their twenties, forties and sixties (and up). For example, it depicts how folks used to go on group hiking dates in the 1960s, while today, young people are more likely to go to manga cafes.

There was a short bit about “dating” two-dimensional characters, and the program featured the PSP version of visual novel Clannad as well as a lengthy introduction of Dream Club. Kotaku’s own lengthy introduction to follow:

Dream Club was first released in 2009 and lets players get drunk in-game with hostesses. The girls also sing songs and wear costumes as well as go on dates with the players.

The above text says that the guy won’t come back from the 2D world. On the show, he began hugging the television and gripping the Xbox 360. Product placement at its goofiest!

Dream Club Zero, a prequel, was released earlier this year in Japan. It features not so subtle banana and sausage feeding.

フジでドリクラ フジでドリクラ フジテレビでドリームクラブ!!! [はちま起稿]


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