JB Hifi’s Blu-ray Bonanza

JB Hifi’s Blu-ray Bonanza

JB Hifi’s Blu-ray BonanzaHeading into Westfield Parramatta after work on a Thursday night and blowing money on stuff I don’t need has become something of a weekly ritual for me, which is why I’m alerting you guys to the fact that JB Hifi are running a pretty awesome Blu-ray deal at the moment – doing three Blu-rays for $32.

Yeah, technically this is not a video games post – but we all know that the PS3 is intrinsically linked to the Blu-ray format – which is how I’m justifying it!

Regardless there are some fantastic movies in JB’s list – The Dark Knight, District 9, Kick Ass… The Notebook.

Wait, yeah… um – scratch that last one. It’s for the wife. Honestly!


  • lol I took one look at the massive bin full of them, and turned away. So many I want, but no way I’m going to go wading through that massive pile to find them 😛

    • That’s the fun – traking through the bin, then holding it aloft – DA DA DAH DAAAAAAAAAAAH.

      [That’s the Zelda music in case you were wondering.]

      • ROFLMAO! You have no idea how often I do that in shops when I find bargains that i really want! I even sing out the DA DA DAH DAAHHHHHH! Holding it aloft like the master sword!

    • You can get ’em online for the same price with free shipping as well… Plus, at the handful of JB’s I visited, they not only had a couple of upright displays dedicated to these titles, but alot of them were mixed in on the regular shelves which are all sorted alphabetically making it much easier than wading through the bins.

  • I’m still waiting on a blu-ray boxset of nightmare on eml st and hellraiser!! Grrr!! HURRY UP YOU C&#TS!

  • I had a quick look at lunch time today but didn’t spot anything I wanted. I might try a different JB on the way home though.

  • I go to JB all the time, the only problem with sales like these is that more often than not, you need to buy multiple movies and I already own at least one of the only three that interest me.

  • Picked up Dark Night, Batman Begins and 300. Don’t have a Blu-ray player yet but this was too good to pass up.

    Was going to pick up The Notebook for the wife but there were no copies there/left.

  • Aw man. I’m trying to save money, Serrels! I’ve got a big list of Blu-Rays I want to pick up, but not now! Not like this! Not like thiiisssss…

  • i think now is a good time to point out that JB hifi does amazing deals on everything (no I do not work there)

    pokémon white & black released today = $49.95 (video game linked! huzzah!)

    oh yeah, and fringe season 2 is 1/2 price @ hornsby ($30)

  • Ordered online so as not to have to wade through the mass of poo-poo.

    Got Kickass, Evil Dead, Terminator 2, The Mummy, The Hangover & (the best Arnie movie of all time) Last Action Hero.

    We’re gonna need a bigger boat. And by boat, I mean shelf.

  • I’ve got a list of about 9 I’m trying to narrow down to just 3.

    Funnily enough, I’ve never seen The Notebook. It is however, one of my husband’s favourite movies. 😛

    • XD

      Well on a related note – just like Mark – I don’t like The Notebook either – it’s just… er… being saved for a future wifey…


  • According to dudes on Giz, this deal also appears on their online store, and they have free shipping.

    Haven’t checked myself, because if I do, I will buy stuff.
    And I will get in trouble.

  • I’ve already got Batman Begin, Dark Knight, Gran Torino, Terminator 2 and District 9. The rest aren’t so great, bar Pulp Fiction. That being said I still need to try Kick Ass at some point, only because of word of mouth. The “get the girl” cliche crap ruined Zombie Land for me. I enjoyed Woody Harrelson’s acting at least.

  • Woah!!11!1! I just got back from that exact same JB in Westfield Parra. I picked up Kick-ass, Sunshine and District 9…….and The Mist, and Curious case of Benjamin Button and Terminator 2.

  • It’s dangerous for me, because I WORK at JB. I’m constantly exposed to the temptations of cheap blu-ray movies. In the past two weeks I’ve already bought about 15 of them. X_x

  • Does anyone else spend ages at these bins putting them in order to make it easier to search for discs? I’m sure they’re in a big pile for a reason, but I can’t help but make them nice and neat…

  • I was lucky enough to pickup Blade Runner The Final Cut when I was there last week.

    Also picked up Moon and Terminator Salvation for a mate.

    It’s unbelieveable at how much and how many they have in stock!

  • I ended up getting Kick-Ass, Fast and Furious and District 9 so I’m pretty happy.

    I couldn’t be stuffed searching the bins. I just went to the regular shelves because I knew what I was looking for and the alphabet was my friend.

  • To the LOTR extended sufferers like me, apparently Roadshow in Australia has lost the rights to distribute Newline titles just after they released the normal LOTR on blu ray so the extended versions won’t be available until someone buys the distribution rights 🙁

  • Have to wait until the buildup to ‘The Hobbit’ for the BluRay Extended Edition Box Set unfortunately..

    Grr Been waiting how many years now and I refuse to buy any lesser edition.

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