Killzone Has Never Looked Prettier Than In This Killzone 3 Art

Killzone Has Never Looked Prettier Than In This Killzone 3 Art

Killzone and Killzone 2 were drab, bleak affairs. Killzone 3, on the other hand, dared to add a little colour to the series, a decision that paid off in the end.

I never really had much time for the first two games, but I really liked Killzone 3, and I think at least part of that turnaround was due to the fact the game took place in a variety of environments, which helped break up the soul-crushing monotony of seeing wrecked street after wrecked street.

This concept art for the game, drawn by Jesse van Dijk (who works for Killzone developers Guerilla Games), takes in four of the main environments players visit over the course of the game, and even makes the dead city of Killzone 2 look pretty.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, also included in the gallery is a short trailer showing some of the behind-the-scenes work captured by Rainfall films. Those with the collector’s edition of the game will have seen it all before, but those who haven’t, enjoy.

Jesse van Dijk [via CoolVibe]


    • Concept Art rarely, if ever is, it’s just used as a guide for the 3D artists in the game to get an idea of the layout. We’re only just getting close to this kind of environmental detail in games, still a ways to go, plus it costs $$$$$$$$$ and time.

  • The in game environments do look pretty damn similar to the art, but i think its very hard to convey such a grand scale when you have such a narrow-centric view in FPS, which can be a bit of a shame because its easy to fly past the details and vistas looking for the next headshot.

    I actually found the level in the jungle where you have to sneak around a very welcome change of pace, pity the rest of the game feels rushed and condensed compared to K2.

    PS. playing with the move took about a day to get used to, tweaking the settings etc, but MY GOD its very hard to go back to playing another FPS with two analog sticks, its just feels so archaic compared to the intuitive-ness of using the move.

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