Kinect-Enabled Forza 4 Would Incorporate Head Tracking, Survey Says

Kinect-Enabled Forza 4 Would Incorporate Head Tracking, Survey Says

We’ve known that Forza Motorsport 4, when it releases later this year, will support Kinect as a control method. A marketing survey now hints at what some of those features might be, such as head tracking to move the game’s camera, and a casual mode that allows players to steer with their hands, similar to last year’s Joy Ride.

The survey, sent to Kotaku by an anonymous tipster, asked respondents’ reactions to certain statements of up coming features. “By using Kinect for Xbox 360, racing fans can now use head tracking to peer into a corner or their voice to control the game menus and interface,” read one. “For more casual players you can enjoy sitting or standing controller free and racing alongside your friends, simply by holding your hands at 10 and 2.”

For more serious drivers, the survey claimed Forza 4 would be the “best looking game of the year with graphic fidelity 10 times better than the previous version, including new lighting and shading models.” A new career mode involves “an automotive world tour,” promising to “increase the variety of challenges and events you participate in.” A new no-assist expert mode was also mentioned, as well as more than 500 cars from 80 different manufacturers.

Kinect would also be used to navigate a virtual showroom and learn about the features of the cars in it, with narration provided by Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson. “Each car will be like its own mini level and after your tour, you can take it out on the track.”

The survey, while not claiming the feature would be in the game, also asked respondents to rate their interest in an open-world Forza Motorsport game, which allows drivers to go anywhere on the open road, as opposed to closed-circuit racing.

Kotaku has contacted a Microsoft representative to ask if any of these features can be confirmed in the new game or eliminated from it. Any reply will be updated here.


  • We knew about the head tracking thing already… but the rest, Wow.

    Open world Forza sounds like Test Drive Unlimited.

    I do question how they’ll get all of that on one disc… wasn’t GT5 something like 12GB?

  • Someone explain to me how head tracking would work.
    I mean, if I turn my head to the left how am I suppose to watch the screen in front of me?

    • Turn’s probably the wrong word… think move your head instead.

      Y’know how you kind of lean when playing a racer… like that.

  • I did a similar survey to this but on the next COD game. I didnt want to say anything because it said that theyd pursue legal action if anyone said anything. hahaha. I will say that all the analysts can stfu though.

    On forza, I have no problems with it being open world. I love test drive so gimme more of that!

  • More time making sure the game actually has all the correct art in place and less time on stupid things like this please. Like half the racing cars in Forza 3 had broken cockpit views, a dozen cars had mirrored-mirrors (eg a car on the left appears on the right of the mirror), dodgy bodykits etc…

  • open world driving would be the coolest feature friday night meets down at the burger shop on street drags from the lights stuff like that would boost the online play so much even if they have it as a dlc make it so ur able to get out if ya car walk over to other players cars check them out (key there car if needed lol) the list could go on they should worry about the online gameplay more than single player

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