Kinect Sets Guinness Record As 'Fastest Selling Electronics'

Congratulations to Microsoft, who took what I thought was going to be a modest hit and making it a giant one. Now let's get that next wave of games coming! []


    Now let’s get that next wave of games coming! YEH HURRY UP ALREADY, all I do with kinect at the moment is wave at the bloody thing for would be good if we get some mainstream gaming going on it SOON.

    There's a second wave of games coming? They're certainly not making much noise about it...

    Well done MS

    this would have shut them people up that said that Kinect would fail.....

      No, it won't shut them up.
      They made a Guinness World record. Woot! That's it. The success will be judged by its income derived from sales world-wide over the life of the product.

    Weren't we (Australia) supposed to have the voice control update by now?

      Yeah, I thought it was due in Feb? Come on MS, get your game together... you pour more effort into a dud market like Japan than one that actually supports you like here :(

    I'm honestly surprised. I was expecting the price point, and well, the crap games (bar Dance Central) to really hold Kinect back. But I guess MS marketing has done its job well.

    Until the 3DS comes out?

    No, I'm not that lucky...

    ...are there any games coming out for it? At all? Aside from the Rez dude's game, I can't think of any...

    Well this is a tad exciting. I've heard tons about this technology, but am still stuck on online gaming. Obviously some marketing guru's made a bundle, and there's tons of people out there dancing about in their living rooms.

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