Kinect's Most Dangerous Hack Is 'The Evil Genius Simulator'

It may not be the most useful of creative Kinect hacks, but for underlining a point about your plans to conquer the world with a pair of Tesla coils, Bright Arcs' Evil Genius Simulator can't be beat.

The concept is simple in this hack on display at Maker Faire UK: throw your hands in the air, fire off controlled bolts of electricity like you just don't care about the well-being of others. If you'd prefer an explanation as to how this works and the genesis of this idea (it was conceived while drinking, shockingly) watch this brief but informative video.

[Seen via MAKE.]


    Its exciting to see that the Kinect is being used outside of the standard quo of art and music. I really think that areas outside of Art/Music are where the Kinect will truly be recognized for its importance.

    Innovations like the one mentioned above and like what iRobot is doing with the App Read AVA Robot are really impressive.

    Its these types of hacks that will push the envelope of the Kinect and drive Microsoft to really produce a kick ass SDK.

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