Konami Wants Your Opinion On Metal Gear Solid

Just to make it clear, here is my opinion on Metal Gear Solid - I love it with every cell in my decaying, decrepit being, and that's not just the nano-machines talking. But here's the thing - normally my opinions on Metal Gear Solid are irrelevant, but now Konami wants to know everyone's opinion of the franchise, and they want you to fill out this survey so they can hear it.

Which has led us to speculate 'why'?

Plenty of the questions revolve around Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, which suggests that perhaps Konami are in the process of evaluating what to do with that particular series. Personally I didn't play too much of Peace Walker - mainly because I see MGS as an experience more suited to home consoles - but I would like to see another proper PS3/360 Metal Gear Solid game set in the Big Boss universe.

What do want to see next from the Metal Gear franchise?

Survey Mission [Konami]

Thanks to Entrement for the heads up.


    I'd love it a lot more if there were HD ports of 2 and 3 on the PS3!

      Or y'know...multi-platform...

        Blasphemy :P

          Not really. GameCube (exclusively) got the Twin Snakes version of MGS1, Xbox got the Substance version of MGS2, GameBoy Color had a (albeit quite different, but still enjoyable) version of MGS1, MGS3 is being ported to 3DS...it's not like it hasn't happened before, and it isn't like it hasn't happened more than once. Hell, Rising is also hitting both PS3 and 360.

            Man I was sooooo pissed back in the day when MGS 2 Substance got released for the Xbox with extra content.

            MGS2 was one of the first games I followed fanatically, I played the demo a thousand times over, I bought it for my PS2 on day one, I was a Raiden apologist. Then they shafted the early adopter Sony faithfuls. I realised young brand faith only exists as a bankable illusion for consumers.

      ON XBOX 360 ASAP

    A game a newcomer can play without getting lost?

      This, right here.

      I've never played them but from what I undertsand the game serves as a mechanism to get to the next 3 hour cutscene.
      I cannot listen to a synopsis of the game without getting confused.

        so play it.

    Why does portable put people off? Does not compute!!!

    Also they should port 4 over to 360 even if it has to be on 10 DVDs!

      Doesn't most of the BR disc for MGS4 get taken up by the non-compressed audio? The 360 can't play that anyway, so that'd probably cut the space needed significantly...

    The survey did seem geared towards finding out what would get people to actually play Peace Walker. Honestly, I can't think of much that would get me to buy into that series. There are just too many things that I don't like about the MGS games that anything that would satisfy me would probably not satisfy anyone who is a fan.

    Stealth games aren't really my thing.

    Why did it have to be a FB poll? I'm not linking their results to my account.

      It was a facebook poll?

      Eh, I hate all of those things, for a game developer to use one... it's like a politician campaigning in a strip club.

        Not a Facebook poll as such,more a survey within their FB page. You didn't even have to 'like' their page or allow them access to stuff to contribute.

        But now I've got images in my head of a "what MGS are you?" type poll...and your analogy is exactly right. I need my brain scrubbed clean, please.

    Peace Walker was one the most deeply enjoyable games I have played in a while. It’s a rare and beautiful thing when a game on a portable system can take you to another place. I urge you to spend some more time with it.

    I never got into MGS before 4, but I LOVED it so damn much. The characters are so vivid/memorable and the game play is great. The story didn't really confuse me, even as a first time player some parts in the final video had me feeling all sorts of emotions. I got the gist of the back story too and I look forward to playing Snake Eater on the 3DS.

    I only recently got around to giving MGS4 a whirl....it didn't whirl for very long.

    I just couldn't get into it. Back in the day I played Metal Gear and then Sons of Liberty. I loved both of those titles. I rate Metal Gear as one of my favourite games. Like GTA III, it redefined gaming. I missed out on Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater for some reason. Waiting for it to hit PS3 in HD.

    Anyway, I attempted MGS4 and I sat there overwhelmingly frustrated. I just don't seem to have the patience anymore. Interesting- because I play a lot of RPG's, so you'd think I'd be inherently open to something like MGS4. But, no. And I think that because it's been years since I've had my head around the series, I've forgot most of the back story and little nuanced things about it all. I was totally lost. I feel that a game with such a strong narrative, well, you need to know what the hells going on. Well, I do anyway. This game is not for the uninitiated. I reckon you're doing yourself a disservice by going in blind or hazy. Or story isn't important to you at all, which is useless since most of this game is about you watching a story unfold.

    I respect its pedigree and its accomplishment as a piece of interactive gaming cinema, but I don't regret not playing it through.

      Ya, MGS1 was one of my fav titles of PSX era, I have not finished many games as many times as that one.

      In saying that, I finished all of the numbered sequels, only once, and had to force myself through them.

      They were relatively boring by comparison and seemed to try and be more clever than they actually were.

    Not sure I can stand it. I've got it on my PS3 for whenever I get the urge to try though.

    Done. Bring on the next mgs already Konami! Something to do with gray fox would be nice.

    Hasn't Kotaku (US) already said "Kojima-san Doesn’t Have To Make Metal Gear Any More"?
    Way back in 2009 we said this, and I hope he's listening. Of course, a Metal Gear game without him is still Metal Gear.

    well for psp you need simpler controls and the ability to save anywhere and pause/save during cutscenes.

    so 'pickup and play' i guess.

    you can still make a deep game and make it accessable on a portable format.

    I want to see them release MGS: Rising. Then we can talk about what comes next.

    Speaking as someone whose Snake love peaked at MGS2 and declined steadily to utter boredom with MGS4, would I like Peacewalker? Is it good enough to give the franchise another go?

    Only thing I didn't like about Peacewalker was grinding for soldiers.

    PUT MGS4 ON XBOX 360!!!!!!!!!!!


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