LEGO Pikmin? What An Awesome Idea

After over two years of hard work, Filip Johannes Felberg has completed his masterpiece: a recreation of the entire cast of Pikmin in LEGO form.

When we say the entire cast, we mean it: Captain Olimar, every Pikmin, every enemy and even every type of plant found in the game can be found in Felberg's LEGO gallery, in some cases even appearing multiple times.

For such an amazing achievement Felberg is playing it humble, saying "there are always some things I would like to improve, like the Fiery Bulblax and the Smoky Progg", but that he "had to stop somewhere".

The main picture doesn't show everyone (or everything!) at once, so don't go picking flaws in it just to be an asshole. You can see the whole gang in the Flickr gallery below.

[Pikmin In LEGO]


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