LEGO Wizards Don't Stop The Motion In Their Third Games Tribute

Ninja Moped, the Swedish artists behind a series of eye-popping stop-motion LEGO animations depicting classic video games, have released another stunning video, following up these and 2009's seminal "8-Bit Trip"

The Top Gun sequence probably gets my vote for most awesome; appearances by Jeopardy, Castlevania and a really old school stumper, the last one at the end, are well done, too. Can you name all of the games in this latest video?

[via Fang Found This]


    Very well done!!

    Rymdreglage make me so happy.
    Pretty coincidental that a new one is out after I just listened to 8-bit trip again for the first time in a while jsut the other day.

    Possibly some of the best stop motion lego animation around IMHO. :D

    Wow just wow....

      I would have done that as a kid but I never had enough lego. I could barely make a car ffs!

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