Let's Compare Crysis 2 Running On PC And Xbox 360

While there will be PC gamers who feel that their version of Crysis 2 will have suffered from having to be "ported" to console, I'm taking a different approach.

It may be a "glass half empty" thing, but instead of the hypothetical that the PC version could have looked better if it was PC-only, I'm looking at the definite: that the 360 version looks amazing.

It may not have the resolution or full range of effects the PC version has, but for the "poor man's" version of the game, running on hardware that's over five years old, it's looking great.

As a disclaimer, note that this is footage taken from the demo and not the full game.

Thanks Travis!


    Hope it holds up similarly on the PS3.

      There has been reports that the PS3 version is a fair bit worse looking and performing than the 360 version, which sucks. So much for it apparently being the "best looking console shooter on both platforms". Sorry Crytek, KZ3 (even Gears of War 2 to an extent) is technically, and visually more impressive.

      More on topic. There's quite a few differences in this, even though the PC version is apparently locked to "medium/high" settings. More noticeably is the lighting is far more precise and intense on PC (especially the volumetric lighting). 360 seems to be just using a simple bloom effect in some areas, such as at 2.55, the light is captured within the scope on PC, where there is nothing on 360. I prefer the PC's lighting in some areas because the way it 'bounces' off objects looks more natural.

      Also, draw distance is wayyyyyy better on PC, you can see this at the 2 minute mark while looking over the pier. The environment looks much fuller and detailed.

      I also noticed that quite a few shadows were missing from the 360 version, such as in the bathroom under the sinks and stuff. Also, the global illumination seems more primitive on 360. A good example of this is at 5.02 in the locker room.. it looks more natural on PC where the lockers kind of look a bit strange on the 360.. like they pop out too much and don't fit with the environment.

      The game should turn out pretty good, graphically, on PC. It's a pity the multiplayer is so dull.

        What reports?, crytek has confirmed that crysis 2 is identical on both the PS3 and 360.


        I wouldn't believe everything that IGN say's.

    I actually prefer the look of the 360 version in more than half those shots. The softness of it takes the CG look down a bit and it looks a bit more organic.

    It is close enough anyway that when concentrating on actually playing the game that you would rarely, rarely notice a difference.

    I also prefer the locked down HUD and ammo counter, the moving one is distracting, I prefer those elements to be less rather than more noticable.

    Er, the graphics are only a small problem with the PC version that people are blowing out of proportion.

    The real way that the port hurt the game is in the UI, controls, options, "feel" etcetera. Obviously the release will have higher res textures, they don't want to waste bandwidth with them in the demo.

    We are forgetting that the demo is on DX9 and it probably has low-res textures to help with download time.

    I choose to take a similar approach to Mark and say that this game looks more fun than the original was.

    the "poor man's" version that costs double the price.. heh

      March 10, 2011 at 6:40 PM

      the “poor man’s” version that costs double the price.. heh

      Shame the gaming rig is 5-10 times the cost of the console...

    The pc is running dx10, while x360 is stuck on dx9. The most noticeable effect of this is the way light and shadows behave. HDR and bloom are vastly improved on dx10. PC also has the advantage of AA and AF filtering, making textures in the distance much crisper, and edges sharper.

    Having said that, its a great looking game on both!

    I have to agree that it does feel a bit 'dumbed down' from the original. If someone asked me to describe the multiplayer demo I would say 'Its like COD, except the maps are more layered and you have super suit powers'

    Obviously its directx9c limited PC version on a low res. Even on par with the same settings the PC version looks better.

    Lets see a Directx11 PC with ultra high settings on 1080p VS this 360 version. THAT's the REAL comparison.

    Will be getting the PC as always. My 360 can continue to collect dust after AC: brotherhood.

    and btw add in AA and AntiS-Filtering as well.

    Even Crytek did say the PC version will look a LOT better than the console version. Most recently at GDC 2011 (a few hours ago):

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