Let’s Learn How To Play The Wonderfully Complex Civilization Board Game

Let’s Learn How To Play The Wonderfully Complex Civilization Board Game

Civilization: The Board Game from Fantasy Flight Games is no mere global Monopoly, no svelte Catan. It is a complicated affair and one that’s not so easy to capture on video.

The game came out in November, but I’d not seen it played until this weekend at PAX East. One of Fantasy Flight’s employees was kind enough to give me a brisk nine-minute explanation of how you play the game.

Civ: The Board Game appears to be as impressively nuanced as the video game original. Anyone in the comments section play it and want to tell us whether it holds up?


  • the ‘modular’ board kinda just makes it look like its put together wrong. Also, annoying having them not connected I can imagine as they’ll not sit flush together nicely. The pieces are all very budget, too. These are only aesthetic complaints, but still.

    Gameplay-wise it doesn’t seem very thrilling either (and I love Civ); it feels like it would seem complicated rather than complex, and still be missing much complexity from the real thing. I mean, it’s understandable – all these ‘flaws’ are understandable, but I wonder whether that just makes it a misguided attempt in the first place

    Maybe I’d change my mind if I played it. I’m interested to see what people who have actually played it think of it

  • I played it last night and its really fun to play, multiple pathqways to victory and it seems to rest on knife edge towards the ned so quite fun really

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