Looks Like Nobody Wants This Video Game Curry. Nobody.

With the blackouts and worries over aftershocks, folks in Japan have been loading up on food. Nobody, it seems, is supposedly loading up on Tales of Graces F curry.

Last December, the Wii Tales of Graces F game was branded on "mabo curry", which is a cross between the Sichuan-style tofu dish and Japanese curry.

While this store's curry and stew were snapped up by consumers, Tales of Graces F mabo curry sat, collecting dust.

Note: This image was uploaded on March 15 - however, it is possible that it was taken before that. What's more, it is possible that it was taken while the store was restocking the shelves.

テイルズの『マーボーカレー』がこの状況下でも売れてない [はちま起稿]


    I'm not sure about this curry, but a friend told me she's seen all the hot/spicy currys left on the shelf because that'd mean you'd need to drink more water so, cleverly, people have been avoiding it.

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