Lost Your 3DS AR Cards? No Problem: Put Them On Your Phone

Lost Your 3DS AR Cards? No Problem: Put Them On Your Phone

Did you know you could use Nintendo’s 3DS to do augmented reality on an iPhone? No, no. Not using an iPhone. I mean on top of an iPhone.

Totilo forgot to bring his AR Cards into the office today, so instead of printing some new ones, we just copied them onto our phone. Not only did they work perfectly, the light from the phone actually made it possible to use the augmented reality modes in rooms without as much light.

Worried you might forget your AR cards after you get your 3DS? Worry no more. Just put them on your phone!


  • I do this a lot with my iPad, works great. But be aware the cameras can have a devil of a time trying to pick up a card if the screen has anything substantial reflected on it. It works well for stationary stuff like the playing with the other cards, but in the AR games where you have to move around a bit you can easily move into a position that loses the connection with the cameras due to something reflected on the screen.

  • Nice one.

    Doesn’t the phone screen go dark automatically after a little while? Or can you turn that off?


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