LunchTimeWaster: Another Gravity Game

Flash games that mess with your concept of gravity have been in vogue - ever since Mario Galaxy made our brains ache with the pleasure of abstract rules different from our own. You'd think we'd be sick of such games by now - and we sort of are to an extent - but Gravity Boy works with a different set of mechanics that open up new gameplay possibilities.

In a sense, Gravity Boy is typical - you move from one single screen level to the next, solving puzzles, jumping around. The game's gimmick, however, is quite fresh - you can actually shift the source of gravity manually, by literally turning the world on its head.

The game's star system is also familiar - but makes the gameplay challenging and compelling. You can flip gravity a certain amount of times - but the more you flip it, the less stars you are awarded. In that way it forces you to think abstractly by using its central mechanic as sparsely as possible.

We really enjoyed it. Give Gravity Boy a whirl.

Gravity Boy [Newgrounds]


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