LunchTimeWaster: Celebrate Bacon Week With Hambo

After playing Hambo I'm really hungry. So while you guys are playing this in your lunch break, I'll be in the food court chomping down on something that has some form of pig in it. Hambo is a pretty neat Angry Birds clone with cool level design, but really I've been playing it because it's bacon week and I crave bacon.

My only issue with Hambo is this - it's a disgusting celebration of pig-on-pig crime. At least Angry Birds had two different types of animals duking it out against one another, but Hambo is about pigs killing pigs - shouldn't they be getting along? Can't they come together, trotter in trotter, and learn to love one another?

Apparently not.

Hambo [Armor Games]


    It's Bacon Week and I wasn't informed?

      You should come over to 'Talk Amongst Yourselves' more often.
      I duly informed everyone in there. Something as important as Bacon Week should not go unannounced.

    Just played a bit of XBLA title Aqua: Naval Warfare - it's pretty good - looks nice and is challenging!

    I already clear all levels of hambo. Very interesting game!

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