LunchTimeWaster: Colour Cleaner

I did an extremely annoying thing - I wrote up a post about this incredible game I found, only to find it had been a LunchTimeWaster not once, but twice. Thankfully, I managed to find a similarly awesome replacement at the last minute in the form of Colour Cleaner.

Colour Cleaner is the sort of game that makes you feel smart. I love games like that - the kind of games that barely need an explanation to begin with, slowly teach you subtle mechanics then bam, asks you to solve a puzzle that initially seems impossible, but eventually reveals itself to you.

It's a subtle art and, when done correctly, is a brilliant experience. In Colour Cleaner, it's done correctly.

You go play now.

Colour Cleaner [Armor Games]


    So what was the original game?

      I am also curious about this.

        Yeah, what was the original game?

          It was The Company of Myself.

          Goose did it, then Elly did it, then I played it and though - PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS. Then realised it had been done twice already.

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