LunchTimeWaster: Hipster Homocide

This game is called Die Hipster - but relax! The 'die' is German for 'the'! Right? Die Hipster is a simple platformer with some pretty spectacular production values. It's not quite as funny as it wants to be, but it's still a must play.

It's full of great little touches - from the busker singing a surprisingly solid song, to the couple having sex on the balcony, to the lead character getting his smartphone out to tweet anytime something interesting happens. The controls could do with some work, but we'd still totally recommend giving it a bash.

Die Hipster [NewGrounds]


    That's German for... "The Bart! The!"
    "Nobody who speaks German could be an evil man!"

    The controls are absolute rubbish.
    Not worth your time.

      The controls are fine learn to press keys.

        In fact this game is pretty amazing, you should play it just to hear the music. If you wait long enough he starts playing a country version of Highway to Hell.

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