LunchTimeWaster: Home Front Runner

Most mediocre blast 'em ups feature simple 'asdw' keyboard controls, and of course they work wel, but Front Runner takes another tack - allowing players to control with the mouse, and it changes the experience considerably.

Front Runner's strength is undoubtedly its high production values. It has a unique, highly stylised aesthetic, with chunky ship and enemy designs that really pop, great sound and a slick looking user interface. It really is a polished game.

It also features the whole upgrade your weapon mechanic that all flash game seem to feature nowadays. It's a cheap way to add depth to the game, and I would have preferred some sort of power up system, but what the hell, it's better than nothing - a minor complaint given all that Front Runner gets right.

Front Runner [Kongregate]


    "asdw"? I thought the standard terminology was "wasd"..?

      It is...
      We all know how backwards Mark can be, I'm still trying to understand the whole (Xbox360/PS3/PC) thing :P

    These one button games are addictive... I've been playing this frickin thing all afternoon.

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