LunchTimeWaster: Run Fatboy Run

Alright guys - this game is called Run 2, but I've made the headline of this post 'Run Fatboy Run', giving you ample opportunity to give me crap about how I look like Simon Pegg. Oh, the game - yeah... forgot about that part. It's a unique platformer that plays like Canabalt in 3D. It's good!

Oh, you want more details do you? So demanding... Run 2 works as a simple 3D platformer with shifting gravity mechanics. It shoehorns mechanics you're used to seeing in standard 2D platform puzzlers into 3D and it somehow works as an accessible lunchtimewaster.

Run 2 [Kongregate]


    It isn't as great as Canabalt. The rotating planes thing is kinda neat but I like the simplicity of Canabalt, so I'm going to go play that for a moment.

    Also, sure is yellow round here. What are ya, a coward? :p

    Sorry, couldn't resist this – unique other than it's predecessor, Run.

    Does anyone else see the similarity between this game and "Sky Roads"?

      Hahah yes! That's exactly what I thought of, except I couldn't think of the name. Thanks! Totally gonna go look it up now.

      Sky Roads!!

    Some poor trainees first day at Kotaku...

    And dont worry Mark

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