LunchTimeWaster: Space Bar

The things I love are not always good. I like stupid ideas. I like things that think a little out of the box, even if they happen to be rough round the edges. Space is Key is kinda like that. It's mega simple, and looks a bit rough, but I love the implementation.

I love the way the game is in constant communication with you, willing you on, congratulating you on your successes. It makes a difference! For some reason the game feels really personable.

It's a one button platformer on rails, sounds drab, but it's varied and works around simple, effective game design. Well worth 15 mins of your time.

Space is Key [Armor Games]


    I've decided to start playing a new game. Every LunchTimeWaster I'm gonna somehow link it back to Simon Pegg.

    Here goes,

    Space bar? Kind of sounds like Spaced. You know, the show starring Pegg. You actor have a freakish resemblance to.

      I really should proofread these before I click submit...

    232 for me. Thanks lambo for making me feel good about that :)

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