LunchTimeWaster: Sugar In My Bowl

More than anything I just love how Sugar, Sugar looks - clean, with fonts and text that are part of the world; that exist within the world. It's a simple idea - draw lines in order to guide sugar from one point to another - but in execution it's so stylish, that you can't help but love it.

Specifically, I love the way that it just starts - sugar drops in from the ceiling while you think you're still in a menu screen. You're forced to just run with it, and the learning curve creeps from there, easing you slowly into an increasingly dense puzzle universe.

Sugar, Sugar is a puzzle game - but it's a sexy puzzle game. It's seductive, it surprises you. I love it.

Sugar, Sugar [Armor Games]


    Yeah it was cool when I first realised sugar would collect on top of the words I'd just ignored and drawn a line through.

    Cool game, but playing with a laptop is torture. It needs the precision of a mouse to draw straight lines.

    Way too much waiting around whilst sugar slowly fills a cup.

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