LunchTimeWaster: The Alpha And The Omega

I love twin stick shooters. I'm not good at them, but I love them. Sometimes I like to try and see how long I can survive without shooting, just for the hell of it. That's the mechanic that Omega Box is built on - avoiding the baddies, not shooting them.

In Omega Box you must pick up Plasma to survive. If you don't pick it up, you wil die. There are also a zillion other threats that will also kill you. Avoiding them whilst picking up the Plasma is the aim of the game and it's frantic.

Built into this is a simple combo mechanic - pick the plasma up quicker and you'll build up combos and increase your score. It's a well balanced risk/reward mechanic that works perfectly in this simple game.

My best score so far is 88,900. Let me see how quickly you can smash that!

Omega Box


    263,000 the first time.

    Got to a point where my multiplyer suddenly reached 80

    I suspect red plasma increases combo by more than 1


    Now I surrender, as millions of people defeat me.

    Just managed 1,091,300. :)
    It starts to get stupidly hard with the amount of stuff flying at you.

    Shame you can't equip more than one upgrade at once...

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