LunchTimeWaster: The Elephant Man

A platformer… with an Elephant as the main character – with genuinely thought out RPG elements. It's hardly the kind of game anyone would expect to be decent, but outside of a few key flaws Elephant Quest is remarkably playable - and a lot of fun.

Our main issue is with the platforming itself, which feels floaty and poorly animated, but once you get over that niggle, Elephant Quest is a game with a remarkable amount of depth - far beyond the scope of most flash games. Extensive upgrades, a decent level up system, sub quests - Elephant Quest is worth playing if your Boss is out of the office and you want to take one of those epic two hour lunch breaks.

Go on! No one will notice!

Elephant Quest


    I'd been considering suggesting this game for the last week as the next lunchtimewaster, but I didn't know where to make the suggestion. Good game, although I don't see the point of having a new game+ feature here.

    I played this the other day, was actually really good. Definitely worth checking out, even if the animations are a bit odd.

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