LunchTimeWaster: Upgrade Complete

Sometimes I hate having to upgrade equipment in games. I hate the responsibility, I hate having to spend money/points - what if I get it wrong dammit! I can't take it back - there are no refunds! So you could imagine my panic when I discovered there was a game SOLELY ABOUT BUYING UPGRADES. I was terrified.

But it's all very clever and meta - plus the core game, a simple blaster is quite interesting. It's cool just to see exactly what you can upgrade next. Purchasing upgrades actually changes everything - the menu, the game's graphics, etc, etc. It's a game about upgrading for the sake of it. And we really enjoyed it for some reason!

Upgrade Complete [Armor Games]


    I love this game, I just wish it had more upgrades.

    So old but so so awesome :D

    Wow, old one. If you're going to dredge up old ones, can I suggest Extreme Heli Boarding on Kongregate? I play at least 3 rounds a day and have done for months

    Posted on this site by David Wildgoose on July 9 2009, also as a "LunchTimeWaster"

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