Man Gets Full Yakuza Back Tattoo Valued At Over $US9000

Man Gets Full Yakuza Back Tattoo Valued At Over $US9000

Back in 2010, Sega held a competition to promote Yakuza 3 with a very dedicated prize: a full back tattoo like the one Yakuza character Kazuma Kiryu sports. Somebody actually won that prize and got the tattoo.

The winner was 46-year-old Australian Fari Salievsk, a MMA trainer from New South Wales. The process took six months to finish with each session lasting up to four hours with three week intervals. “Getting a tatt is making a statement that is with you for life so I do recommend it but it’s not something you rush in to,” he says. Even if it’s given to you for free. By Sega.

And the final result looks almost exactly like the Japanese character’s tattoo. Save for one small detail: Salievsk’s tattoo has Korean writing on his lower left back instead of Japanese, adding he just “personalised his kanji in place of the original”. It’s not kanji as kanji are the Chinese character used in Japanese, but whatever!

Sydney Man Actually Gets That Yakuza 3 $US9000 Full Back Tattoo [AusGamers]


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